The SPUD Concept is now being franchised both in the Gulf Region and across the Globe. We are currently in discussions with potential franchisees across a number of Development areas, and we are also looking for people with a strong personal commitment to running SPUD Baked Potato Shops for a number of Development areas.

We do believe that investments such as Regional Development Agreements should not be made hastily and this is why we carry out a comprehensive selection process . This entails sharing information so that the franchisee can make an informed business decision.

Listed below are a number of the most frequently asked Questions:-

What does it take to become a SPUD Franchisee?

The SPUD concept requires a strong personal commitment to the business and an active involvement in the restaurant operation by its franchisees. Approval is based on a number of factors including experience, financial qualifications and a track record of success.

What is the profile of a SPUD Franchisee?

You must be a high energy person or company who is motivated to serve others, communicates effectively, and has a successful track record in business management suitable to operate a high volume of SPUD. Restaurant experience is an advantage, although not essential. Access to retail property portfolio is definitely an advantage.

What are the required demographics for a SPUD Franchise?

Site survey and evaluation will examine the demographics. In general, site requirements include a populated area with a large number of people within 5 miles radius and high traffic counts. QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brands benefit from high footfall counts as they attract spontaneous purchases rather than destination decisions.

Can owners of other franchises qualify for a SPUD franchise?

Yes, Owners of other franchise operations can qualify for a SPUD franchise, provided that they are not in a competing food business (for example restaurants with similar menu items). Exceptions maybe made on the understanding that the conflicting operations would not expand and that conversions would be made where feasible.

What is involved in the application and approval process?

Our process requires that you visit our Headquarters in Manama, Bahrain for a discussion to evaluate your plans and ambitions. The goal of the franchisee selection process is to create long term franchise relations that will benefit both the franchisee and The SPUD. The selection process begins with the sharing of information. The Applicant completes a detailed application form and then takes part in  series of interviews, during which time you develop a business plan for discussion. At any point during the selection process either party may decide that the process should not continue.

 How long does it take to become a SPUD Franchisee?

Our Franchise selection process is quite thorough and is designed to ensure that both The SPUD and the prospective franchisee have made an informed business decision before entering into a contract. Therefore, the duration of the process can vary from applicant to applicant.

What is The SPUD initial Development Fee?

The SPUD asks for an initial Development Fee based on the Franchisee’s development plan, the number of restaurants envisaged an the territory being negotiated.

What is The SPUD Royalty license fee?

On a monthly basis the franchisee pays The SPUD Royalty fee of the net revenue from sales, as well as the advertising contribution net revenue from sales. Additional marketing expenditure may be required in the future if resources are pooled amongst franchisees and a cooperative advertising initiative is undertaken. In the event of a renewal or an approved transfer or sale to another franchisee there will be a change of hands fee. In some markets there may be additional fees charged for additional services performed by The SPUD.

What type of investment will I be required to make?

Whilst the equipment in The SPUD is bought through international suppliers ensuring quality and reliability, we are not a capition intensive brand. Construction costs do vary according to the size of the unit and the countries building costs. You will also need to invest in recruitment, training, initial inventory and launch advertising.

How much money will I be required to have?

Bearing in mind the requirements above, you will need a net worth and liquidity sufficient to meet the investment for multi-unit development. The scale of this will depend on the number of restaurants to be developed. Whilst we do not offer financing we can put you in touch with third party financial institutions.

What do I get for the Investment?

You will enjoy the satisfaction and rewards of owning your own SPUD Franchise. But you will also benefit from the full support from the people and systems of an established organization with many years of restaurant experience in the Middle East.

What training will I receive?

You and your designee or Manager will take part in our intensive training course at our Training Centre in Bahrain. The training includes both in store and classroom training sessions. Proficiency must be demonstrated by the trainee at various stages of the training program. The SPUD provides the training Programs for the training of Managers and Team Members. The franchisee pays all cost for the Manager and Team Member training during start-up and during the ongoing operation.

How much return can I expect from my investment?

The profitability of an outlet is dependent on many factors including the location, competition, sales volume, rent, management, type and amount of financing. Profitability is ultimately in the control of each franchisee. It’s Your Business.

Does The SPUD allow Sub–Franchising Development?

Under Certain circumstances, when a franchisee has fulfilled the obligations of the development agreement, by opening the predetermined number of restaurants and all standards and operations are in compliance, there may be an opportunity to Sub-Franchise.

What is my next step?

Please complete The SPUD Franchise Application (Click Here to Download) and return it to us for review. Completion of this application will not obligate you to The SPUD in any way. On receiving your application, we will review it prior to contacting you to discuss the next steps.